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Closed for 2021 😢 All vouchers will be extended for 2022! including ones from 2020. see you next year!! 

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  • Do you love the excitement of trying something new!? Do you like to challenge your self!? If so Flyboarding is for you. Whether you are an adrenaline addict or just want a taste of the excitement, we can cater the experience to you. You can hover just above the water or sore 50ft high! Flyboarding also offers plenty of ways to progress. We can show you how to dive into and under the water or you can learn tricks like 360's or even Flips! 

  • As Flyboarding is a powered sport you do not need to be super fit, strong or have good balance to be able to do this. While all of these things might help, the key to Flyboarding is to be relaxed, have a positive mindset and let the board do the work!

  • Your experience will start with a quick trip to the equipment  out on the water, where you will be given a brief on safety, how to steer the flyboard in the water, how to get up and then how to fly! 


  •  you must be over the age of 16 to Flyboard!


  • You must NOT be under the influence of drugs or alcohol for any activity or your session will be cancelled without a refund!

  • Please advise us of any Medical conditions. Ask your doctor for advise if you have any concerns. Extreme sports require a basic level or fitness and strength so we do not recommend it for people: recovering from an injury, with a serious heart condition or heavily pregnant.

  • Please show up at least 20 minutes before so that you are ready to get on the water when your time starts! 

  • Call for Group Deals.